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The Right Choice for Artificial Grass Installation

Artificial Turf

Keep It Green!

Maintaining the good appearance of your garden can be challenging if you have limited time to work with it. If you find yourself in such situation, using artificial turf might be the best for you.

Tough Turf, Fields & Lawns Inc. in Bradenton, Florida is here to offer artificial grass installation to residential and commercial owners. Rest assured that we’re always committed in providing exceptional products and services. Contact us today for free quotes and estimates! 

Why Artificial Grass Is Perfect for You

Choosing artificial grass in sports fields, playgrounds, pet facilities, and residential and commercial areas provides many benefits. No more dirty pups from rolling in the dirt, and kids can play in the yard without worrying about ant piles. If used in commercial lawns, you’ll surely attract more prospective customers!


  • Increases the Aesthetic Property Value of Your Home
  • Never Have to Water, Fertilize, or Mow Again
  • No Ant Piles, No Mud and No more muddy paws!
  • Long life expectancy 
  • Pays for Itself in Terms of Water, Maintenance, and Time
  • Great Drainage That Is Superior Than Real Grass
  • Natural, Green Look All Year Round

Our Products

8-15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Turf

Our products are pet-friendly, certified lead  and environmentally-friendly.

Tried, tested, and manufactured in the U.S.

Ready to transform your backyard?

Finance options available!